Why should you not cut the grass when it’s wet?

When it’s wet outside, it can be tempting to cut the grass. However, there are several reasons why you should not cut the grass when it’s wet.

For one, the blades of grass will be more likely to clump together if they are wet. This means that your lawn will not look as neat and tidy as it would if you waited until the grass was dry to cut it. Additionally, cutting wet grass can actually damage your lawn mower blades.

Another reason not to cut the grass when it’s wet is that doing so can cause mud spots on your driveway or sidewalk. These mud spots are difficult – and often impossible – to clean up and they can end up looking pretty messy.

So if you want a nicely trimmed lawn and don’t want to deal with muddy spots on your property, wait until the weather dries up before cutting the grass!

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