Why do gamers use 2 monitors?

There are many reasons why gamers use two monitors, and for each gamer it’s different. Some might need the extra screen space to keep track of all the action in their game, while others might prefer having different windows open on each monitor so they can easily switch back and forth. Here are five reasons why you should try using two monitors for gaming:

1) You can have more windows open at once. This is especially helpful if you want to keep an eye on your chat program, inventory, map, and gameplay all at the same time.
2) It gives you a wider field of view. When playing FPS games or racing games, having that extra bit of real estate can make a big difference in how well you perform.
3) You don’t have to Alt-Tab as much. This one is especially helpful if you play competitively – by not having to Alt-Tab out of the game as often, you stay in control of the action longer!
4) You can customize your setup exactly how you like it. Want one monitor above your keyboard and mouse and one below? No problem! Prefer your monitors placed side by side? That works too!
5) It just looks cool! There’s no denying that using multiple monitors makes your gaming setup look super slick – perfect for showing off when friends come over

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