When should I till my lawn?

There is no one perfect time to till your lawn, as the timing will vary depending on your climate and soil type. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding when to till your lawn.

First, consider the weather conditions. Tilling a wet lawn can damage it, so wait until after it has dried out sufficiently. Additionally, avoid tilling during times of high winds or severe storms, as this can also damage your lawn.

Second, take into account the soil type. If you have heavy clay soil, for example, you’ll want to wait until later in the season when the ground is drier so that the clumps don’t form after tilling. If you have sandy soil instead, early spring is generally a good time to till since it warms up quickly and allows seeds to germinate quickly.

Ultimately, there is no one “right” time to till your lawn – it depends on your specific circumstances. But by considering both weather and soil conditions, you can make an informed decision about when is best for YOUR yard!

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