What does a 3 stage snow blower mean?

If you’re in the market for a snowblower, you may have come across some that are advertised as having “3 stages.” But what does that mean, and is it important to have a 3-stage snow blower?

In general, a 3-stage snow blower is one that has three different ways of clearing snow: 1) throwing it out of the way with blades; 2) blowing it into an auger to be chopped up and thrown out, and 3) sucking it up into the machine. Having all three of these methods makes for a more efficient clear-up, particularly on deeper or harder snows.

That said, not everyone needs or wants a 3-stage snowblower. If your property doesn’t get very much snowfall each year or if the type of precipitation you get usually isn’t too deep or heavy, then you may be fine with just a standard two-stage model. In fact, even if your home sees lots of heavy storms throughout winter, sometimes it can still be more practical (and cheaper) to simply shovel by hand rather than go through the trouble and expense of buying/maintaining a larger machine.


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