Should you compact soil after tilling?

If you’re like most gardeners, the answer to this question is probably a resounding “yes!” But should you really compact soil after tilling? The answer may surprise you.

Compacting soil after tilling is unnecessary and can even be harmful. Tilled soils are already dense and compacted, so there’s no need to add further pressure. This can lead to problems such as poor drainage and an inability for roots to penetrate the soil.

Soil compaction also reduces air circulation and increases water runoff, both of which are bad news for your plants. In fact, compaction can actually kill plants by preventing them from getting the oxygen they need or drowning them in too much water.

So if you’re thinking about compacting your soil after tilling, don’t do it! There’s no reason to damage your garden when there are so many other ways to improve it. Instead, try one of these tips:

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