How much should I inflate my 65cm exercise ball?

When it comes to how much you should inflate your 65cm exercise ball, there is no definitive answer. Depending on your height and weight, you may need more or less air. A good way to find out is to start with the recommended amount of air and then adjust accordingly.

If you’re not sure how to inflate your ball, follow these simple steps:
1) Find a safe place where you can inflate the ball without hitting anything or anyone.
2) Unwrap the inflation plug at the top of the ball and insert it into the valve opening.
3) Pump up the ball by squeezing its sides together until all of the wrinkles are gone and it feels firm (but not too hard). Check that there are no leaks before using it.
4) Remove inflation plug from valve opening and re-wrap inflation plug securely around cord.

Once inflated, be sure to keep an eye on your 65cm exercise ball so that it doesn’t deflate over time – especially if you plan on using it regularly!

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