How do you change the oil on a Troy Bilt Bronco Tiller?

Changing the oil on your Troy Bilt Bronco Tiller is a very important maintenance task that should be done regularly. Failing to change the oil can lead to decreased performance and engine damage.

Luckily, changing the oil on a Troy Bilt Bronco Tiller is a relatively simple process. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make sure that the tiller is turned off and cooled down before beginning any maintenance tasks.
  2. Remove the filler cap from the engine crankcase and place it in a safe place where it will not get lost or damaged.
  3. Place an old towel or some other type of absorbent material under the tiller so that any spilled oil will be contained and cleaned up easily later on.
  4. Using an Allen wrench, remove the bolt from near the base of the spindle housing (this holds the cover in place). Be careful not to lose this bolt – you’ll need it later! If the cover doesn’t want to come off easily, use a screwdriver around the edge to pry it loose (cover screws are slotted). Once the cover is removed, you’ll see dipstick sticking up – pull out completely and wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel; replace securely into tube opening (should go in about 1-2″). Now take your new filter out of its packaging & hold so the top fits over the hole at end of the dipstick tube – there’s usually an arrow pointing which way the filter should face; push down until snug against the washer below the hole then give 1/4 turn clockwise until tight (filter has threads). If there’s still dirt/debris inside the housing after pulling out the old filter, carefully remove using a screwdriver & brush; if necessary use an air compressor fitted with a blowgun attachment) but try not to get too much dust into the engine crankcase . . . now would be a good time for a short break! 🙂 5.. Pour approximately 3 quarts of SAE 30 weight motor oil into a funnel attached to the spout coming from the bottle–make sure the funnel insert goes deep enough inside the spout opening so as not To spill when tilting the bottle slightly sideways OR just pour the entire quart container slowly over funnel directly into crankcase–again making sure insert goes deep enough inside spout opening 6.. Withdraw filler cap & replace securely onto bottle–you’re done!

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