How do I check my Lenovo monitor?

As a Lenovo monitor owner, it’s important to know how to check your monitor for problems. Checking your Lenovo monitor is easy and only takes a few minutes.

First, make sure your computer is turned off and the power cord is unplugged from the back of the computer. Then, locate the power button on the front or top of your Lenovo monitor and press it once to turn on the screen. If you see an image on your screen, then everything is working correctly and there’s no need to continue with these steps. If you don’t see an image on your screen or if you have any other problems with your Lenovo monitor, keep reading.

Next, use one of these methods to adjust the brightness:

  • On Windows 10: Right-click anywhere on the desktop > Display settings > Brightness slider (or Advanced display settings > Display adapter properties > Monitor tab)
  • On macOS: Click the Apple menu () in the upper left corner of the screen > System Preferences…> Displays> Brightness slider
  • Or use function keys FN+F7 (brightness up) FN+F8 (brightness down)
    Now that you’ve adjusted brightness, check if the text appears blurry or fuzzy by adjusting resolution using one of these methods:
  • On Windows 10: Right-click anywhere on desktop>Display settings> Resolution slide bar (or Advanced display settings Display adapter properties Settings tab)

-On macOS High Sierra: Click the Apple menu  in the upper left cornerofscreen>System Preferences…DisplaysResolution slider bar
If the text appears blurry after adjusting resolution using either method above then change the Screen refresh rate setting as follows :

-On Windows 10 :Right click anywhereondesktop>displaysettings>(Advanceddisplaysettings>)Screenrefreshrate(Hz)dropdownlistbox OR open Control Panel\HardwareandSound\Poweroptions\Editplan Settings(if available)\Changeadvancedpoweroptions\Selectthe”Monitor”tabandin”Screen refresh rate”,choosethe desiredvaluefromthe dropdownlistbox .NOTE 1 Some higher resolutions may not be compatiblewithsome lower frequency Screen refresh rates .NOTE 2 When changing this setting , itmay benecessarytoseta different value for both “Horizontal sync”and “Vertical sync”.If so , select themost appropriatevaluesforthese

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