Do electric chainsaws need oil?

Electric chainsaws are a great alternative to gas chainsaws. They’re quieter, lighter, and don’t produce fumes. But do they need oil?

The answer is yes, electric chainsaws do need oil. Just like a gas chainsaw, the chain on an electric saw needs to be lubricated in order to keep it running smoothly. If you don’t add oil, the chain will eventually become so dry that it will start to smoke and then seize up completely.

So how often should you add oil? This depends on how often you use your chainsaw and what type of oil you use. Most manufacturers recommend adding new oil every time you fill up the tank with gasoline – but this can vary depending on the brand of saw and type of oil used So be sure to check your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

Adding too much or too little oil can also cause problems with your saw. Too much lube can lead to excessive smoking or even a fire, while not enough lube can cause the chain to wear down more quickly or even stop working altogether So always make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when adding oil to your electric chainsaw


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