Best Electric Snow Blower Reviews 2022

If you live in an area where snow accumulates more than a few inches at a time, you’ll need a snowblower to help you get out of your driveway and make your way to the car (assuming you have a car, that is).

With the right snow blower, you can clear the snow in your driveway, sidewalk, and the street fast enough that it won’t pile up, making it safer to walk out to your car.

But there are lots of different models out there, and picking the right one can be difficult. The best snow blower for you depends on your needs. But we’ve identified some criteria you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for your next snowblower:

Buying Guide for Electric Snow Blower

It’s no secret that snow blowers are more complicated than the average push models, and there are a lot of features that you have to know about before you even think about going out and purchasing one.

The following are the factors you need to consider before buying one.


A good snow blower should be easy to maneuver regardless of where you live, large two- and three-stage snow blowers are usually self-propelled and take the work out of pushing large machines. Single-stage snowblowers, although not technically self-propelled, move forward without difficulty by the pull of the rubber paddles (if your single-stage snowblower does not pull itself forward, it’s time for new paddles or a scraper bar). These machines are also smaller and lighter, foregoing much of the extra bulk that is featured in wider two-stage and three-stage snow blowers.

Amount and Type of Snow

If there is a big amount of snow you need a bigger machine that is capable to throw snow at a far distance.

While a bigger engine isn’t necessarily the most important factor to consider when buying a snowblower, more power can boost results when it comes to heavy-duty cleaning? Two-stage and three-stage snow blowers typically have more powerful engines than their single-stage competitors and are more resilient when it comes to moving high mounds of heavy, wet snow. Greater clearing heights also help these machines cut through snow that is too deep for smaller, single-stage snow blowers. If, however, you find yourself with light, powdery snow or an average accumulation of fewer than six inches, buying a snow blower with single-stage power should be sufficient for regular use.


Snowblower use can get tricky in residential areas, particularly when you need to clear snow early in the morning while neighbors are trying to sleep. The solution? Try buying a snowblower that runs on electricity. Because these snow blowers don’t use gas engines, they are smaller and much quieter than fuel-powered machines. Electric snow blowers are also virtually maintenance-free but are equipped for much lighter snowfall than gas-powered snow blowers.

Path Size

How big is the size of the driveway or walkway you will clear? A typical homeowner will benefit from buying a snowblower with single-stage power, which will typically feature a clearing width between 18 and 22 inches. A single-stage snow blower is also more likely to fit into tight areas, allowing you to easily maneuver on decks and small walkways.

For larger, multiple-car driveways, a two-stage or three-stage snow blower will be your best bet. On average, these snow blowers range between 24 and 48 inches wide, allowing you to clear broader paths more quickly. Two-stage and three-stage snow blowers also feature more powerful engines, which help improve performance in areas with more hilly/diverse terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in an electric snow blower?

When you are buying an electricsnowblower, there are two things you need to check carefully, auger width and intake height. The auger is the part of the snowblower that scoops up the snow and throws it through the chute.

Which is better a gas or electric snow blower?

By looking at nature when it comes to environmental conservation electric snowblowers are quiet, more eco-friendly than gas-powered versions since they do not use gas or oil, and are also lighter weight and thus easier to store.

Should I get a single-stage or two-stage snow blower?

Single-stage snow blowers are perfect for smaller jobs like footpaths, sidewalks, and short driveways. They are lighter, compact, and easier to handle than two-stage models, but they are only suitable if you get 8 inches or less of snow.

Best Electric Snow Blower Reviews

Green works 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower

The Green works 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower weighs up to 30 pounds, it has a powerful 13 amp motor and 7-inch wheels.

It moves up to 450 pounds of snow per minute. The Green works 13 Amp electric snow thrower also features an automatic electric chute rotation, which makes clearing snow a breeze.


  • Green works corded snow thrower has smooth operation and less noise.
  • It has 13 amp motor delivers powerful results for gas alternative.
  • Dual LED lights for better visibility when operating the blower at night.
  • It has an adjustable 180-degree directional chute that makes snow throwing manageable; Easy electric start for hassle-free operation
  • Discharges snow up to 20-feet.
  • The snowblower has 7-inch wheels that give greater movement.
  • This machine only works on 120 volts; 20-inch clearing path and 10-inch clearing depth.
  • Green works corded snow thrower has unlimited runtime of up to 45 minutes.


  • The snowblower is light in weight.
  • It is also easy to assemble.
  • It has a folding handle and itfolds down easily for nice storage.
  • It requires no battery or charging to operate, just plug into the power supply.
  • The machine requires little skills to operate.


  • You have to work around the extension cord so you can’t use it in places with no power.
  • The snowblower is not suitable for big yards.

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

The Toro 38381 has snow clearing abilities, unlike any other snowblower that has come before it.

This model is the result of Toro’s passion for designing snow clearing machines that are built to the highest quality standards.

It is made with the latest in snow removal technology.

Toro snow blowers have been used by many satisfied customers around the world since the first Toro snow clearing machine was created in 1951.


  • The Toro snowblower moves up to 700-Pounds of snow per minute for efficient snow clearing.
  • The blower has quick clearing it can clear a path of 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep within a little time.
  • It has power curve technology that cleans down the pavement and helps prevent clogging.
  • It has a 160-degree adjustable chute for optimal snow-blowing control.
  • The blower has 24 Pounds and larger 6-inch wheels which provide more snow-gripping traction.
  • It has a 2yrs warranty.
  • It throws snow up to a distance of 9 meters.


  • Toro snowblower is easy to assemble and use.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The machine is maneuverable.
  • The snowblower is Ideal for sidewalks and walkways driveways that can park up to 4 cars 2-6 inches at a time.


  • The electric motor is not fully covered thus some snow water which may lead to rust.
  • Rust and humidity in the electric motor will short it over time causing premature death
  • Electric motor replacement is as expensive as a new machine thus design is set for a lot of waste.

Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

This machine can handle up to 20 inches of heavy snow with ease, and it’s one of the few snowblowers that can handle light snow (that is, one or two inches).

It has a generous 12-inch clearing path, so you won’t spend all day dragging it back and forth on larger driveways.

It’s smaller than most machines in its class, so it can get into tight spots and make quick work of light snow on sidewalks and steps.


  • The snow Joe has a 180° adjustable directional chute that throws snow to a maximum distance is 20 feet.
  • It has a powerful 13.5-amp motor that moves up to 650 lbs of snow per minute.
  • It requires no gas, oil, or tune-ups, this makes it effortless to start and maintain it.
  • The blower has a 4-blade steel auger that cuts 18 in. wide by 10 in. deep with each pass.
  • It is ideal for quick snow pickups on mid-sized walkways and driveways.
  • It has ergonomic grips for improved operator comfort.
  • Built to handle big driveways and deep snowfalls.


  • The Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 can move 650 pounds of snow per minute thus it saves time.
  • Little maintenance is required in the blower.
  • It comes with a headlight thus you can use it anytime.
  • The machine is lightweight and easy to store.


  • The blower may require an extension cord.
  • The blower is not self-propelled.

WEN 5662 Blaster 13.5-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

When it comes to snow removal, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. WEN 5662 Blaster 13.5-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower is a two-stage snow blower that can dig up to 18 inches deep to clear driveways, walkways, and decks.

It’s the perfect option for the occasional storm when there are only 3 to 6 inches of snow on the ground.

The WEN 5662 Blaster 13.5-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower is one of the best electric snow throwers on the market.

It has a cord, so you’ll always have power, but it’s light enough to move around the yard with ease. And unlike gas-powered blowers, it’s not loud enough to wake the neighbors from their hibernation.


  • The wen 5662 blaster 13.5-amp 18-inch electric snow thrower throws up to 490 pounds of snow per minute.
  • It clears snow 18 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep
  • It consists of a 13.5 Amp motor that shoots snow up to 20 feet away.
  • The blower has 6-inch wheels and a lightweight design that makes for easy mobility.
  • It has a quick-adjust chute that rotates 180 degrees to the direct path of the snow.
  • The lightweight design along with the 6-inch wheels allow for easy steering through the coldest of terrains.


  • Clears powdery snow completely, no need to go back over with a shovel.
  • It is a super lightweight but effective corded electric snowblower.
  • It is great for older users and those with limited mobility.
  • The snow blowers wheels have a lightweight design that makes it easy to maneuver around your driveway, deck, and sidewalks.


  • It’s not as powerful as a gas blower, but it seemed to work just fine nonetheless.
  • It has a Shorter warranty than other snow blowers.

Snow Joe SJ621 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

The Snow Joe SJ621 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower is an electric-powered snow thrower with a 12 amp engine that throws snow as far as 30 feet. It has a six-inch clearing width and a removable three-inch chute. The removable chute rotates for easy directional snow removal. It has an adjustable discharge chute and handles that are adjustable to reach all areas of your driveway. It is a great price and works very well.


  • Snow Joe is best for quick snow pickups on mid-sized driveways and walkways.
  • This one requires No gas, oil, or tune-ups, this makes it easy to start and maintain.
  • It has a powerful 13.5-amp motor that moves up to 650 lbs of snow per minute.
  • Snow Joe has a 4-blade steel auger that cuts 18 inches wide by 10 inches deep with each pass.
  • It has an approved 2-year full warranty.
  • It weighs 333.3 pounds
  • Snow Joe SJ621 has a 20 W halogen headlight that facilitates nighttime snow removal.


  • It requires no gas or oil to operate, it is powered electrically making it effortless to start and maintain.
Best Electric Snow Blower Reviews 2021
  • It has push-button technology and ergonomic handles that provide comfortable and hassle-free use.
  • Snow Joe SJ621 has an adjustable chute that can throw snow up to 20 feet for optimum clearing.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • The blower may require an extension cord.
  • The snowblower is not suitable for big yards.


For anyone who lives in an area that receives a fair amount of snowfall each year, having a snow blower is a great way to cut down on the amount of time spent outside shoveling snow. However, electric snow blowers are often overpriced and under-reviewed, which can make choosing the best electric snow blower a challenge.


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